Friday, December 02, 2005

Planning Applications - November 2005

72 Hardy Road 05/2692 /F
Demolition and reformation of single storey rear extension, incorporating skylight in roof slope

60B Coleraine Road 05/2731 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with Velux windows

Land adj. 7 Dinsdale Road 05/2742 /F
Erection of two new self-contained flats in between number 7 and 5

Unit 5, Cecilias Place, formally 115 Humber Road 05/2752 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 3 (elevations and sections with materials and external finishes of rooflight and shopfront) of planning permission dated 1.6.05 (Ref 05/0877

105 Humber Road 05/2759 /F
To create one self-contained flat above and retain existing veterinary practice

20 Hardy Road 05/2813 /TC
Re-pollard poplar in rear garden

59 Parkside, Vanbrugh Park 05/2827 /F
Replacement of windows with timber box sash double glazed windows

Flat 4 Vanbrugh Castle 05/2955 /F
External alterations to provide for the erection of a spiral staircase and extension of summerhouse

32 Westcombe Park Road 05/2991 /TC Ash and cherry - reduce crowns by 25%

2rd December 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Helping to make Greenwich greener

Following a request by the Leader of Greenwich Council, Chris Roberts, for local groups to do their bit in helping to beautify the parks and green spaces in the borough, a number of volunteers from the Westcombe Society have been working on the flower and shrub beds near Westcombe Park Station.

They have cleared the ground, and planted Narcissus and Crocus bulbs supplied by the Council.

Leader of the group, Barbara Henley said: "We welcome the support given by Greenwich Council to encourage local groups like the Westcombe Society to help to improve the environment. The Council are being very co-operative in helping local groups to combat graffiti - but planting bulbs is a much more creative endeavour!"

Blackheath Standard Christmas Cheer!

Folowing the success of the Westcombe Society's Christmas Bazaar on 19th November, the Christmas tree donated by the NatWest Bank for the Bazaar has been re-erected at the Blackheath Standard by Greenwich Council workers to start the festive season.

Volunteers from the Westcombe Society put the finishing touches by adding Christmas lights.

Dick Allard, Chair of the Westcombe Society, said "We welcome co-operation with Greenwich Council; the Standard looks so much cheerier with the Christmas lights. We hope that this can be done on a regular basis every year."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Walter Bor Award for The Westcombe News

The Westcombe News was, last night, awarded the Walter Bor Award for the Best Amenity Society Newsletter at an event organised by the London Forum. The Society is extremely pleased to have had the News recognised in this way as it represents a huge tribute to all the hard work of Neville Grant, the editorial and distribution teams.

Congratulations to all concerned!

'Heart of East Greenwich' Proposals

English Partnerships have recently engaged with local residents' groups, schools and individual residents in a series of public presentations, exhibitions and workshops. An initial presentation by E.P. and Rick Mather Architects outlined their initial proposals for the site - which is huge! As an illustration of this, one of the most memorable slides displayed was an overlay of the entire Old Royal Naval College, which can sit quite comfortably within the site boundary of the old hospital.

The overall proposals also envisage the relocation and re-development of the Council-operated facilities located at The Arches Leisure Centre, East Greenwich Library and the old Robert Owen Nursery School site and adjacent buildings, although the detailed future of these sites was not included as part of this brief.

The first session on November 7th also asked attendees to grade their reaction to the plans under each of a number of headings from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Additional comments could be made by means of 'Post-It' notes.

On November 9th, a full day workshop session discussed six important topics with the Design Team - Public Service Provision, Quality Townscape, Making Connections, Public Realm, Environmental Issues and Prioritising Pedestrians.

An additional session on 11th saw the School Council of St Joseph's Primary School invited to contribute their views. This enjoyable and illuminating session produced some graphic illustrations, particularly for the Leisure Centre, public spaces and an apparently essential jewellery shop!

The final session was held on the 14th. Revised proposals from the Design Team based on all the feedback received envisage the following main features to be contained within the Development Framework to be presented to potential developers;

Woolwich Road traffic
A study is currently underway to review the potential for improving the junction of Vanbrugh Hill, Tunnel Avenue and the Woolwich Road. This will address the current congestion, improve pedestrian and cyclist movements and increase bus access.

Woolwich Road Frontage
The aims here are to provide a strong visual presence with the part of the building on the Woolwich Road junction while at the same time providing a sense of activity and awareness of the Urban Square. It is hoped to achieve this with an exemplary design that is no higher than the 6-7 storey 'Plaza' flats on the opposite corner of Vanbrugh Hill.

The design should include transparent elevations both to Woolwich Road and to the new Urban Square to the rear to allow visual connections whilst the proposed public facilities such as the Leisure Centre, Library and cafes can open on to both sides to allow access. Council office facilities at first floor level will have the facility to extend along the entire length of the building un-interrupted if desired. All this area will be serviced by an underground parking area occupying much the same position as the old hospital car park.

Vanbrugh Hill
The new Health Centre and apartments along Vanbrugh Hill boundary should be designed to respond in height and massing to the existing 'Plaza' building and housing opposite. The new apartments will reduce in height from 6-7 storeys (equivalent to the 'Plaza') at the northern end, down to 3 storeys at the southern end adjacent to Calvert Road. The apartments will also be set back from the road at the higher levels to reduce their visual impact. A combination of terraced houses and maisonettes are proposed with a potential to improve the overall street scene. Overshadowing of the existing flats should be avoided through careful solar modelling.

Public Square
With a sunny southern aspect, it is hoped to encourage a lively mix of uses here and to provide cycle parking with only limited vehicular access. Both passive and active supervision of the area is proposed in order to deter anti-social behaviour. Controls might also include the provision of a small police office. Public access to landscaped 'green roofs' from this area was also proposed.

Communal Residential Square
The main residential area on the site will be located to the south of the public square in the centre of the site. This would surround a largely private square. Potential managed community uses were proposed here included gardens, a creche, and a tennis court. Lying outside this, on the eastern and southern borders of the site, would be 2-3 storey terrace-style dwellings with individual gardens backing on to the gardens of the current Victorian houses in Calvert Road. 'Boulevard'-style roads with strategic calming measures including a central row of trees and controlled parking are proposed for the frontages of these properties.

What Next?
The Development Brief will be prepared with advice from Rick Mather Architects, Nicholas Pearson Associates (ecology specialists) and Mouchel Parkman (transport experts). The Brief will be offered to developers in early 2006 and once a short list has been drawn up, there will be further consultation events with the developers and the local community.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Lovell's Wharf - New Proposals - Public Meeting

The developers of the Lovell's Wharf site have withdrawn their earlier proposals for two tower blocks, each of 30-odd storeys, plus lower-rise blocks of flats. However, they now propose to put the same number of dwellings on the site in five monolithic "slab blocks" of up to 10 storeys.

This is still far too big and dense a development in relation to the surrounding area. Once again local residents must be very concerned about the effects of this and the many other large developments in and around SE10 on the service infrastructure of the whole area: transport, roads, sewage, health and education.

The Greenwich Society is jointly hosting a public meeting with the Forum@Greenwich on Tuesday 22 November, at 7 pm at the Forum@Greenwich in Trafalgar Road. All are welcome to attend.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Work & Learn Centre at the Dome

This Centre, a partnership between Meridian Delta Ltd (MDL) and Greenwich Local Labour & Business (GLLAB), is now up-and-running in temporary offices next to North Greenwich Station. The Centre provides a recruitment service for the MDL site as well as training provision. It will move to more permanent premises on the Peninsula early next year.

For information about job opportunities or training, please contact the Work and Learn Centre direct on (020) 8326 3750.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Policing in Westcombe Park

A question that is to be asked at the next area, Time To Listen meeting to be held at John Roan (Upper) School, Maze Hill, on 21st November at 7.00 pm;

Many local residents are greatly concerned about the incidents that occurred in September, in which a large group of hooded youths created mayhem and terrorized residents in Venn House and the surrounding area in Westcombe Park Road and Coleraine Road. Seemoingly they were in search of a cannabis factory that was subsequently discoverd by local residents.

Following this night of violence, in which the police were called out four times, there have been a number of local incidents which, though small in themselves, add up to a very threatening environment for local residents. Incidents have included: stones being hurled at passers-by; fights and disputes centring in particular in and around the phone box in Westcombe Park Road; evidence of illicit drug dealing; a number of incidents of car crime especially in Mycenae Road (in one case, a car with foreign number plates was defaced with very obscene graffiti). At one stage, local residents found it necessary to mount their own street patrols.

Residents feel that ome criminal elements may have come in from other areas that are more heavily policed. Whether that is true or not, there is an overwhelming feeling that the Westcombe Park area is currently under-policed, and the Westcombe Society, on behalf of residents, wish to urge Councillors to support our plea for an accelerated police programme, so that our area gets the police protection it clearly now requires.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

E.P. Collaboration Events over GDH site futures

English Partnerships would like to invite you to a series of public collaboration events they are planning to run in early November, in order to consult with the local community and stakeholder groups in Greenwich on the future redevelopment of the Hospital site, as well as considering overarching principles for the regeneration of the Heart of East Greenwich project.

The series will take place over three planned events, as follows:

Monday 7 November, 7pm - 9.30pm
Public Meeting and Exhibition I
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

Presentations from EP and Rick Mather Architects on the development framework which is being prepared.
Exhibition material from Rick Mather's work in progress.
Break out sessions for questions and feedback

Wednesday 9 November, 9.30am - 4.30 pm
Stakeholder Collaborative Workshop
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

A series of themed workshops with local stakeholders
Interrogation of Rick Mathers work to date and issued raised at public meeting
Themes include: Quality Townscape; Making connections; Environmental issue;
Public realm: Civic facilities

Monday 14 November, 7pm - 9.30pm
Public Meeting and Exhibition II
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

Presentations and exhibition material providing feedback from the previous public meeting and stakeholder workshops

Please reply to Philippa Bloomfield at English Partnerships on 020 7531 2494 or via email:

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The O2 Waterfront

Work is now 16 weeks in to the 98 week project inside the structure previously known as the Dome. Most of the 'cores' of the Arena itself have been erected and it is understood that around 300 workmen are now to be found regularly involved in construction work on the new Arena and first-level 'raft' area located around the Blackwall Tunnel ventilation shaft which it is hoped will eventually form the base of the proposed casino facility. The roof of the O2 Arena is apparently being constructed on the floor. It will then be jacked up in to position when complete. This is apparently the largest structure ever to be raised in to position in this way. As well as the Arena and 160,000 sq. m. second-level 'raft' located in the vicinity of the Blackwall Tunnel ventilation shaft, the first phase of the work will include a 60,000 sq. m., 2000 seat live music club, an 11-screen cinema, a 70,000 sq. m. Eden Project-style 'biome' housing three floors of exhibition space and a tree-lined boulevard of five retail outlets, 10 restaurants and three nightclubs with an 'electric sky'! Although the Arena itself is due to be completed around March 2007, the official opening is now likely to be delayed a month or so to coincide with completion of most of the Waterfront area and a planned exhibition of Tutankhamun's Treasures.

Phase II of the Waterfront development within the Dome curtilage will involve the development of a further 13,000 sq. m. of space. An adjacent high-rise hotel topped with a revolving 'sky' restaurant is dependent upon a successful bid for a casino in the O2 Waterfront. This will apparently be operated by Sol Kerzner, the millionaire behind South Africa's Sun City, who has already appointed Sir Richard Rogers to develop concepts for the hotel.

The David Beckham Football Academy, built by the Anshutz Entertainment Group on the site of part of the old MEX coach park, is now complete and occupied. The initial opening is planned for the October school half-term, with the first use by Deptford and Greenwich schoolchildren in early November.

Westombe Society Environment Committee (10/2005)

Monday, October 10, 2005

Civic Trust Awards

The Westcombe Society has been asked to seek feedback from local residents regarding the new dental practice and flats at 11-15 Station Crescent.

The Civic Trust Awards are seeking comments, whether positive or negative, from people who live in or near the development, or who use it or pass by it, to try and judge the impact the project has had on the area and its residents.

These comments are to be collected and made available to the judging panel when they visit the project, which will be on 25 October.

Comments should be posted directly to Helena Russell at, by 23 October at the latest.

Please don't hesitate to contact Helena if you need any clarification or further information.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Latest Planning Applications - 4/10/2005

62 Foyle Road 05/2065 /TC
Fell 2 leyland cypress in rear garden

84 Coleraine Road 05/2071 /F
Loft conversion comprising two rear dormer windows and two Velux windows to front

25d Mycenae Road 05/2093 /F
Demolition of existing extension and erection of a single storey rear extension

Flat 1 73 Humber Road 05/2097 /F
Erection of single storey rear extension

23 Humber Road 05/2107 /F
Erection of single storey rear extension and modification to existing kitchen/shower room

44 Mycenae Road 05/2167 /F
Formation of loft conversion with side and rear dormers

117 Westcombe Hill 05/2200 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear extension, Formation of a loft conversion with dormer windows in the rear roof slope and creation of a roof terrace on rear extension flat roof facilitated by the insertion of French doors at first floor level

36 Hardy Road 05/2236 /F
Formation of loft conversion with three Velux windows to the rear elevation and one Velux window to front elevation

82 Westcombe Park Road 05/2341 /TC
Crown reduce decayed cherry in rear garden by 30%

103 Coleraine Road 05/2348 /TC
Sycamore - remove weak limb and deadwood, Lime crown thin by 25%, Sycamore remove one limb

43 Vanbrugh Park 05/2351 /TC
Fell mulberry in rear garden and conifer in front garden and replace with smaller slower growing specimens

2 Schofield Walk 05/1802/F
Erection of first floor rear extension to bedroom

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Meopham Vineyard Visit

The Westcombe Society is arranging a visit to Meopham Vineyard near Gravesend, Kent on Sunday, September 25th, 2005.

Attendees will need to make their own way to the vineyard, where they will be able to take part in a tour of the vineyard and to taste the range of wines produced.

There will be a charge of £5. Anyone interested in attending should contact

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Ths event, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief, is to be held at venues country-wide from 10.00am to 12.00 midday on Friday, September 30th, 2005. You are cordially invited to the Westcombe Society's own 'morning' in the bar area of Mycenae House, Mycenae Road, Blackheath, London SE3.

In addition to your donation for coffee and cakes/biscuits, it is hoped to have some other items available to persuade you to contribute yet more money to this worthy cause.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bus route changes

Proposals for changes to the routes of the 108 and 422 and the creation of a new route, the 129, have been made by London Buses. The 129 will initially run a short shuttle service from Greenwich Town Centre to North Greenwich Station via Sainsbury's etc.. It would later be extended to Peckham. The proposals for the 108 and 422 indicate both now exit from Westcombe Hil through a new link on to the A102/Woolwich Road slip road. It is not clear where the exit point will be or how it will be managed. The routes will then proceed via the East Greenwich Gyratory to Peartree Way. The original informant on the proposal from L.B. indicated they would then use Bugsby's Way and turn right on to the bus-way at the rear of Filmworks and proceed to North Greenwich Station.

London Buses have now confirmed that this information was in error and that all routes will service Sainsburys, Comet, B&Q and Filmworks via the dedicated bus lane that runs in front, rather than reach North Greenwich Station via Bugsby's Way to the rear, as stated on L.B's original letter of notification.

Although these changes provide a much-needed connection from Greenwich Town, Lewisham, Blackheath and Charlton Village to the superstores and cinema, residents of Woolwich Road will have no service to North Greenwich and Blackwall Lane would now be served only by the 188.

Brenton's Coaches site, Invicta Road

Two new blocks of flats are proposed for 55-57 Invicta Road (05/1945/F), the site of Brenton's Coach & Van Hire.

Three storey at one end and four storey at the other, with access from the roadway, they also feature parking for 13 cars between the blocks. There is little landscaping evident and the plans look very bare. An application in 2000 was given consent, but this was at a lower density and expired on 31/8/05. Although outside the Blackheath and Westcombe Park Conservation Areas the boundary runs along part of the south side of the site, so is very much on the fringe. Local residents are concerned and the Westcombe Society's Environment Commitee also consider an objection should be lodged on the grounds of a lack of green space, the fact that there are too many parking places for this kind of development and that the number of habitable rooms on the basis of the site area is higher than Council norms.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Westcombe Park Station office hours

Proposals by S.E. Trains for changes to local Station Office opening times were raised at a recent Greenwich Council meeting with South East Trains boss, Mike Gibson. Details of the outcome are posted below:

1. The total hours to be covered at Maze Hill and Westcombe Park stations by the booking office or the new platform staff at each station will be at least as many as the booking office is now open. The specific hours will probably be different as South East Trains are anxious to ensure that 'sensitive' times are covered - e.g. school finishing times and late evening.

2. Platform staff will be trained for a number of functions - assisting disabled passengers, ensuring that ticket machines are working, answering the public's queries, dealing with anti-social behaviour. Some will be trained as Police Support Officers with the power to detain. South East Trains are keen that platform staff are more flexible in the duties they undertake than present booking office staff.

3. South East Trains will check the ticket machine at Westcombe Park station following complaints from a number of passengers that it is frequently malfunctioning.

4. If the SRA agrees the proposal, the new arrangements are likely to come in on September/October. South East Trains are clearly intent upon the changes whatever representations they receive as they believe booking office personnel are under-used at many stations and staff will be better employed. They seem to have reached an accommodation with trade unions and recognise that not all present booking office staff will want to change their jobs or will be suitable for the new responsibilities. The company believes that sufficient internal staff can be found for these duties to ensure full staffing from the beginning.

5. It was accepted that booking office staff often fail to keep the offices open at appointed times and that there is therefore a question as to whether or not platform staff will be on duty when they are supposed to be. He believes that unannounced checks by 'flying' managers will be sufficient to deter staff tempted to desert their posts.

6. South East Trains plan to provide both platform and on-train staff with portable ticket machines to overcome the difficulties many passengers have with station machines. However, this is a medium-term plan and it was stated that they cannot put a timetable to its introduction although some idea of the time scale will be given in due course.

Old Greenwich District Hospital update

Here are some further details of the demolition scheme for the old Greenwich District Hospital site at the botton of Vanbrugh Hill, SE10.

In brief, the plans involve the erection of hoarding - August weeks 1-2, internal works and asbestos removal - weeks 3-13 (October), demolition of structure - weeks 14-25 (December) and site re-profiling - weeks 26-32 (March 2006). Hours of work are Monday -Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday, 8am-1pm. The mosaic located on the Woolwich Road fascia is to be preserved with advice from its creator and will be restored to a site available for public view once the location of this is decided upon.

As to the future of the site itself, further meetings with local residents and stakeholders will take place and English Partnerships will appoint their own consultants to explore the options relating to existing Greenwich Council services and the transfer of a number of them to this site. There is no longer any obvious indication that housing will comprise a major component of the developed site, but a replacement for the Arches Leisure Centre, a new Library and a primary health care facility are currently proposed.

Updated September 10th 2005...

Local residents have expressed concern at the proposed number of lorry movements during the demolition phase. The contractors have promised a maximum of six per hour. A liaison group has been set up to look at issues if and when they arise. It is reported that Rick Mather Architects have been commissioned to look at the future of the site and would be engaging with local residents to produce a 'development framework'. It is not clear how this relates to the existing 'A New Heart for East Greenwich' proposals.

The Strategic Planning Directorate of Greenwich Council is currently undertaking an infrastructure review that will look at schools, healthcare provision and transport in relation to the fact that plans for the future of these services do not appear to be keeping pace with the rate of proposed developments such as this in the Thames Corridor. The review will report by next year.

East Greenwich 'Liveability Fund' Update

The East Greenwich Management Agency has sent the Society details of the latest proposals for works in East Greenwich. The timescale for this is 6 months, starting in July 2005.

Approximately £800,000 is to be spent on works in Woolwich Road, Glenister Green, East Greenwich Pleasaunce and Westcombe Park Station + environs. These will include improvements to footways, new tree planting and to the appearance of shops in Woolwich Road, improved pedestrian access and amenities at Glenister Green opposite the old Annandale School.

New lighting is planned for Westcombe Park Station Crescent (if S.E. Trains pay the energy bill!), together with improvements to paving at all road entrances, better disabled access and graffiti deterrents on the rail bridge over Westcombe Hill. There is also to be improved lighting to the Ormiston Road passage and deterrents to fly-tipping at its junction with Station Yard.

The Pleasaunce will receive better definition for the Royal Naval Hospital graves with an area for secular contemplation, improved play facilities with dog-free grass play area and although there is no current commitment, the hope that there is a possibility erecting a cafĂ© in place of the existing toilets and park ‘bothy’ if a tenant can be secured willing to provide management of the area and check-cleaning of a limited-hours toilet facility.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Planning Applications in Westcombe Park - August 2005

103 Humber Road 05/1835 /CP
Amendments to planning permission dated 28.10.03

74 Hardy Road 05/1839 /F
Bricking up garden gates fronting Hardy Road

1 Foyle Road 05/1850 /F
Formation of a loft conversion

3 Beaconsfield Road 05/1921 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear conservatory

40 Westcombe Park Road 05/1929 /F
Erection of two storey side extension and loft conversion with dormer window

3 Foyle Road 05/1930 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with dormer window to rear. (Retrospective)

67 Humber Road 05/1936 /F
Erection of a two storey rear extension

3 Peachum Road 05/1964 /F
Erection of single storey summerhouse end of garden

23B Coleraine Road 05/1972 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with dormer window

77 Coleraine Road 05/2005 /TC
Eucalyptus tree in rear garden - crown reduce by 30-40%

7 Hardy Road 05/2031 /F 05/2038 /C
Variation of planning permission for the erection of two houses Ref:04/2813/F: The Variation is to alter the rear of the dwellings and inclusion of privacy screen

57 Coleraine Road 5/2009 /TC
Apple tree - remove new growth on trunk. Fig tree cut back overhang to boundary

62 Foyle Road 05/2065/TC
Fell 2 Leyland Cypress in rear garden

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Work on the A2 across the Heath

Traffic for London had planned to start work on the A2 across the Heath in August, but word is that it has now been postponed until nest year due to lack of funds. This work should have involved a complete rebuilding of the road itself, which apparently is necessary, as well as some landscaping to the sides of the road to ameliorate the visual effect of the traffic as recommended in a recent report on the Heath.

Blackheath Village Highway Works Update

LBL have recently announced that their very welcome work on creating a 20 mph zone in the Village is running ahead of schedule and should now be completed by 29th August. So we only have a very short time left to enjoy shopping in the Village with minimal traffic!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Woodlands and Mycenae House

Following on from a public consultation exercise, formal bids and a Council Cabinet decision earlier in July, it can now be announced that the winning bid to bring Woodlnads back in to use and to provide for the future of Mycenae House has come from the London School of Musical Theatre. Originally at the Old Vic and now primarily in custom premises in Southwark, this organisation will provide be an interesting addition to the area.

A slight downside is that to provide funding for this the Council are considering the erection of 12 x 2-bed flats in the S.W. corner of the site. The Society considers this to be over-development in terms of the public consultation outcome which accepted the idea of a 'small mews style development'.

Whatever materialises, it will still be the subject of a normal planning application.. so make your views known at that time.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Welcome to the Westcombe Society's Blog!

We hope that members of our Main, Environment and Events Committees will provide information here for all readers, and we will try to answer any questions received.

The primary intention is to promote discussion on issues current within the Westcombe Park (Blackheath) area that may already have been covered in 'fixed' print media such as the Society's Westcombe News and on our 'standard' Web pages (, as well as trying to answer questions from anyone considering moving to the area.

Get those posts to us....!

Blackheath bye-law consultation

Lewisham and Greenwich are currently carrying out a consultation on a new set of byelaws for Blackheath.

A 'blog' has been created where people who are interested can leave comments as a sort of experiment in trying to have a wider input into the drafting of the byelaws. You might be interested....

You can find the site linked on our side-bar ----->

Cannon Street Station Saturday opening!

At long last, Cannon Street Underground Station is open for business on Saturdays! A recent, well-guarded press release states;

"Cannon Street, which was previously closed all weekend, is now open on Saturdays from 0720 to 1940. The station will continue to remain closed on Sunday."

Temple Station is also now open on both Saturday and Sunday.

Old Greenwich District Hospital futures

Local residents of East Greenwich have recently been circulated with a 'newsletter' entitled Regeneration News - East Greenwich, Issue 1, Summer 2004, jointly published by English Partnerships and Greenwich Council on the plans for demolishing the old Greenwich Disrict Hospital and the future use of the site.

There has also been a revised set of plans for the Lovell's Wharf site adjacent to Pelton Road, East Greenwich, where the original multi-storey towers have been reduced inheight to a much more modest 5-7 stories with very little lost by way of accomodation, yet an increase in the width of the Thames Path and other open space.

Unfortunately there is neither a Web version of the Newsletter or the Wharf plans, nor currently any reference to it on either English Partnership's or Greenwich Council's site.

However, the Greenwich Society's Web site does have inormation on both issues.