Friday, February 16, 2007

'Dome' (O2) Parking Threat Reduced

On 14th February, the Licensing Committee approved the applications by O2 with a few changes, notably the addition, in watered down form, of the condition negotiated between the Westcombe Society Environment Committee and ANSCHUTZ ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (AEG). This provided that
"Promotional literature web-pages and tickets from the Licensee will give prominence to information regarding public transport options and request patrons to leave the area quietly. References by the Licensee to access by road will be subordinate to references to travel by public transport. References shall also refer to the existence of controlled parking zones over the area within two miles of the Premises".

AEG refused to agree that the condition should apply to its agents, notable its sales agent Ticketmaster whose website, despite revision ahead of the meeting, emphasized how ‘easy’ was access by road. However following the Westcombe Society's criticism at the meeting, Ticketmaster has again revised its website.
It now positively discourages using cars to get to the O2.

Outside the meeting, it was indicated that when the parking management plan is finalized the statement that when the car park is full, "the management will direct vehicles to the closest off-site parking facilities" will be amended to substitute “off-road” for “off-site”.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dome Parking Threat

AEG, the owners of the Dome, have announced their intention to direct 'overspill' customers of events at the Dome who arrive by car to park in the Westcombe Park/East Greenwich area.

Sales publicity for these events describes access by road as “easy” and AEG expect more than half the visitors to the Entertainment District to come by car. There are only some 400 ‘first come first served’ car spaces. So visitors who turn up on-spec expecting to park may find the car park full. AEG’s stated plan, in such a situation, is for car park management to direct vehicles to the closest off site parking facilities. AEG have indicated that the closest area outside the Peninsula (where parking is banned) is Westcombe Park.

Unfortunately, the Council has already approved this ‘diversion to Westcombe Park’ Policy, even though the Guidance to Best Practice for Public Nuisance Control emphasizes that patrons arriving and leaving the premises, including provision of public transport and the use of Car Parks, should be covered in the operating schedules that are the main subject for the Licensing subcommittee to consider.

There will be a Licensing meeting at the Town Hall at 18.30 on Wednesday 14th February to consider the application. It is a public meeting, open to all

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Planning Applications January 2007

55/57 Invicta Road 06/2763 /SD
Submission of details of earlier application

Flat 2, The Cedars, 3 Westcombe Park Road 06/2802 /F
New side and rear windows and roof lights

38 Westcombe Park Road 06/2869 /F
Erection of a single-storey rear extension, garage to side elevation and Velux windows

3 Humber Road 06/2862 /F
Single-storey rear infill conservatory

The Royal Standard Public House, 44 Vanbrugh Park 06/3012 /F
Three telecommunication antennae located within the existing chimneys, and 6 equipment cabinets

23B Coleraine Road 06/2994 /F
Loft conversion: another storey and roof terrace

8 Stratheden Parade 06/3067 /F
Change of use from travel agents (A1) to estate agent (A2).

26 Beaconsfield Road 06/3052 /CP
Erection of a single-storey rear extension flats (sic)

75 Beaconsfield Road 06/3243 /F
Two-storey side extension, infill extension and loft conversion

Flats 1-7, Naldera Gardens, 87 Mycenae Road 06/3047 /F and Flats 8-22, Naldera Gardens, 89A Westcombe Park Road 06/3041 /F
Replacement of all casement windows with double glazed casement windows

Flat A & B, 5 Coleraine Road
Replacement of all timber windows with uPVC casement windows

90 Mycenae Road 06/3171 /L, 06/3179 /F
Various internal and external alterations

Woodlands, Norfolk, Jenner and Lister Houses, Restell Close 06/3094 /SD
Submission of details of earlier application

40 Westcombe Park Road 06/3084 /F
Erection of a single-storey rear conservatory

1B Vanbrugh Park Road 06/3174 /F
Erection of a single-storey rear extension

91 Maze Hill 06/3175 /F
Erection of a single-storey rear extension

M & S 17 Stratheden Parade 06/3177 /A
New illuminated signs

29 Charlton Road 06/3242 /F
Conversion of property into 4 self-contained flats with parking spaces and new access

7 Hardy Road 06/3248 /SD, 06/3252 /SD
Submission of details of earlier application

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So no Casino....

Any views on that subject?

A local group seemed to have been set up very late in the day to object to the idea.. so late in fact that it was only referred to in the latest Greenwich Society Newsletter that appeared in my post only a few days before the decision was made.

But let's be more rationale about this.

All the 'ordinary' Mancunians I saw interviewed on BBC News about the fact they had won the bid were over the moon.. including 'little old ladies'. Have no Greenwich residents, especially the objectors, considered the huge loss of potential jobs that will now occur as a consequence of this bid having been lost? What does it mean for the overall viability of the remaining plans for the Dome? Finally, where is the money coming from to take forward a virtually complete and fully serviced 'mezzanine' floor at the Dome that will now have to look for 'Phase III' funding to remain anything other than empty?

P.S. In overall terms I think that I feel more for the people and businesses in Blackpool though. They are now going to be facing a bleak future.