Friday, July 20, 2007

Planning Applications - July 2007

Week ending 13.07.07

75 Humber Road 07/1668 /TC
Twin stemmed sycamore - remove epicormic growth, reduce and thin crown by 30% cut back limbs growing towards building to clear 2m lift lower limbs over footpath to 4m and cut back limbs over 77

13 Combe Mews 07/1607 /F
Replacement of windows and door with UPVC

56 Beaconsfield Road 07/1530 /F
Demolition of existing garage and construction of a two-storey side extension and single storey rear extensions along north and south flank elevation

Week ending 27.07.07

61 Mycenae Road 07/1790 /TC
Reduce eucalyptus tree in rear garden by 50%

Norfolk, Lister & Jenner Houses, Restell Close 07/1765 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to Condition 12 (ramped access) of planning permission dated 20.1.2006 Ref: 03/2022/F