Sunday, July 30, 2006

Planning Applications June 2006

26A Glenluce Road 06/1318 /F
Formation of a driveway to existing front garden (Retrospective)

42 Humber Road 06/1300 /F
Erection of a first floor rear extension

53 Ulundi Road 06/1301 /F
Erection of a single storey rear conservatory (Resubmission)

Woodlands, Norfolk, Jenner and Lister House, Restell Close 06/1349 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 11 (junction works) of legal agreement dated 20.1.06 Ref. 03/2022/F for the refurbishment of Norfolk House, including recladding and extension, demolition of Lister and Jenner houses and erection of a new 11 storey building with underground parking to provide for 281 units

37 Westcombe Park Road 06/1344 /TC
Fell a Cherry, two Sycamores, Ash, Conifer and Rhus trees in rear garden

44 Beaconsfield Road 06/1428 /TC
London PLane tree - reduce by 25% and re-pollard lime tree to last reduction points

2 Highmore Road 06/1430 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension and alterations to front elevation of property (Resubmission)

27 Charlton Road 06/1434 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear and side infill extension. (resubmission)

12 Ulundi Road 06/1422 /TC
Rear Garden - remove large bay tree and replace with fruit trees, fell diseased/dying plum, apple, Fell overgrown Plum, cherry and replace with fruit trees, reduce back 5-6 branches of hazel, reduce maple by 2m and ash tree reduce height by approx. 1m and reduce side laterals by 2m. Front Garden - poplar - reduce by 1m. Cherry crown lift by max 1m and remove 2-3 heavy low limbs

80 Westcombe Park Road 06/1590 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with two dormer windows to rear & two velux windows to front roof slope.

21 Vanbrugh Park 06/1601 /F
Change of use of ground and first floors to provide 2 x 2-bed self-contained flats

12 Old Dover Road 06/1609 /F
Change of use from A1 (Shop) to A2 (Betting Office) use.

37 Glenluce Road 06/1557 /TP
Ash tree - to reduce up to 30% and lift lower branches, Holly tree - to reduce and reshape by 25%, small Elderberry tree - to fell and Cob Nut tree - remove branches and remove younger spindly growth around the base, Ash tree (2)- remove folk at circa 3-4 metres.

Land to the side of 1 Lassetter Place 06/1561 /TC
Cut back overhanging sycamore from roof, remove one low limb of ash tree growing towards front door and driveway

31 & 33 Hardy Road 06/1518 /TC
Conifer to the side of 33 remove. Oak - cut back overhang from driveway, sycamore in rear garden of 31 - remove

5, 6 & 7 Vanbrugh Park Road West 06/1652 /TP
Sycamore tree-near building - remove limb. Ash-lift lower branches to clear 12ft, Acer Sacharinum-lift 3-4 low hanging branches. Sycamore-cut back to clear 2m,cut back limbs overhanging next door, trim back large branch growing towards roof. Next Sycamore- remove 5 limbs,2 small Sycamores-remove 2 limbs, Lime-lift growth to clear path & through wall by 1m, other Sycamores thin by 25-50%

58 Beaconsfield Road 06/1643 /TC
Plane trunk (old pollard) fell and replace. Horse chestnut decayed - crown reduce by 30%. Horse chestnut - crown thin by 25%. 4 lime pollards - crown reduce by 25%. Willow - remove one low limb over neighbour

44 Mycenae Road 06/1645 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension. (Re-submission)

16 Glenluce Road 06/1611 /F
Conversion into four self-contained flats and provision of three car parking spaces (Resubmission

The Standard Pub

I have just heard from Julian Crispin, who deals with pub licences for the Blackheath Society that Mr. Hart of 3, Stratheden Road, has appealed to LBG for a Variation of Licence for The Standard pub citing noise, fights, failure to shut the windows when there is music, etc. These are the only details that I have except that people can write in support by the 10th August. Further information may possibly be displayed near the pub.

July Planning Applications

Flat 3, 15 Station Crescent 06/1733 /F
Erection of railings, access door and screening to use part of the third floor as a roof terrace (Resubmission)

192 Westcombe Hill 06/1722 /F
Change of use of first and second floors into two self-contained flats. (Re-Submission)

74 Westcombe Hill 06/1716 /F
Erection of a single storey rear infill extension

111 Mycenae Road 06/1674 /TC
Fell willow tree in rear garden and pollard sycamore

75 Beaconsfield road 06/1790/F
Demolition of existing garage and erection of a two storey side extension, single storey rear infill extension and dormer window to the front elevation

Lovell's, Granite Badcock's and Pipers Wharf Pelton Road, Christchurch Way, Banning Street 06/1749 /F
Redevelopment for mixed-use comprising offices, studio workshops, hotel, 667 residential units, retail, restaurant/ cafe/bar, boatyard/club, ecological centre, medical health centre health club, creche, new open spaces, tidal garden, sports areas, play area, river slipway, parking 742 cars, vehicular access arrangements, cycle/pedestrian routes/landscaping

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Greenwich Park Noise Nuisance

The Stella Artois Film Shows on the W/E of July 22nd-23rd 2006 caused a considerable noise nuisance to residents as far away from the Park as Beaconsfield Road and even Mycenae Road in Westcombe Park.

It has been reported that the Council's Noise Nuisance Team were running checks on noise levels in Crooms Hill, but not on the east side of the Park where the noise nuisance was inevitably going to transfer to following the relocation of the event fom the 2005 shows behind the National Maritime Museum.

Local residents hotline

The Royal Parks claim to be working hard to minimise any inconvenience to Greenwich residents as a result of events in Greenwich Park. If, however, you do need to report any problems during these events you can contact a member of Royal Parks staff on 07896 290721. Please note that this telephone number is only operational during the event itself.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pole dancing licence for The Plaza, Vanbrugh Hill

Local residents may be shocked to here that there is a proposal (more than that already!) for a Pole Dancing club at The Plaza site atthe junction of Vanbrugh Hill and Trafalgar Road.

A public meeting is to be held on Tuesday 18th July at Lovell Hall at the Christchurch Forum at 8pm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

GDH Development Public Meeting

The next public meeting to be held to discuss the plans for the redevelopment of the old Greenwich District Hospital Site will take place at The Forum @ Greenwich on Thursday, July 20th 2006, 7pm. Three possible developers have been shortlisted for the Project by English Partnerships. A short presentation will be given by each of them outlining their commitment to the project and residents will then be given the opportunity to ask them questions or raise issues. Proposals will then be worked up and a further exhibition of plans will be held in September 2006. It is hoped to be able to make a decision on the winning proposal by November 2006, with building to start in Autumn 2007.