Saturday, January 19, 2008

Planning Applications - January 2008

Week ending 4.1.08

6 Vanbrugh Hill 08/0015/TC
Fell ash tree in rear garden and replace with Malus/silver birch

53 Vanbrugh Park 08/0018/TC
Cedar front garden - crown reduce by 20%. Rear Garden - holly fell and replace with standard sized ornamental. Laburnham - fell and allow to resprout (decayed trunk)

116A Westcombe Hill 08/0004/F
Roof extension consisting of dormer to rear and rooflight to side elevations. (Resubmission)

Week ending 11.1.08

14 Westcombe Park Road 08/0021/F
Erection of a two storey side and single storey rear extension

77 Westcombe Park Road 08/0034/F
Erection of a single storey rear extension

Friday, January 11, 2008

Planning Applications - December 2007

Entries on the LBG Planning Department's website have been very late and these for the first two weeks in December have only just appeared (11.1.2008).

Week ending 7.12.07

28 Coleraine Road 07/2975 /F
Construction of a single storey out building at foot of garden

Fairhaven House, 111 Mycenae Road 07/2939 /F
Construction of a single storey rear infill extension. Replace and relocate 1No. roof light. Installation of 1No. floodlight band solar hotwater heating panels to rear roof slopes

2 Vanbrugh Castle 07/2885 /L
Refurbishment of existing garden vault, and erection of a single storey summer house

Week ending 14.12.07

136 Humber Road 07/3000 /F
Installation of a solar thermal panel to rear roof slope

15 Station Crescent 07/3006 /SD
Submission of details of condition 3 (details of screen) pursuant to Appeal decision dated 11.4.07 planning Ref 06/1733/F