Friday, July 29, 2005

Woodlands and Mycenae House

Following on from a public consultation exercise, formal bids and a Council Cabinet decision earlier in July, it can now be announced that the winning bid to bring Woodlnads back in to use and to provide for the future of Mycenae House has come from the London School of Musical Theatre. Originally at the Old Vic and now primarily in custom premises in Southwark, this organisation will provide be an interesting addition to the area.

A slight downside is that to provide funding for this the Council are considering the erection of 12 x 2-bed flats in the S.W. corner of the site. The Society considers this to be over-development in terms of the public consultation outcome which accepted the idea of a 'small mews style development'.

Whatever materialises, it will still be the subject of a normal planning application.. so make your views known at that time.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Welcome to the Westcombe Society's Blog!

We hope that members of our Main, Environment and Events Committees will provide information here for all readers, and we will try to answer any questions received.

The primary intention is to promote discussion on issues current within the Westcombe Park (Blackheath) area that may already have been covered in 'fixed' print media such as the Society's Westcombe News and on our 'standard' Web pages (, as well as trying to answer questions from anyone considering moving to the area.

Get those posts to us....!

Blackheath bye-law consultation

Lewisham and Greenwich are currently carrying out a consultation on a new set of byelaws for Blackheath.

A 'blog' has been created where people who are interested can leave comments as a sort of experiment in trying to have a wider input into the drafting of the byelaws. You might be interested....

You can find the site linked on our side-bar ----->

Cannon Street Station Saturday opening!

At long last, Cannon Street Underground Station is open for business on Saturdays! A recent, well-guarded press release states;

"Cannon Street, which was previously closed all weekend, is now open on Saturdays from 0720 to 1940. The station will continue to remain closed on Sunday."

Temple Station is also now open on both Saturday and Sunday.

Old Greenwich District Hospital futures

Local residents of East Greenwich have recently been circulated with a 'newsletter' entitled Regeneration News - East Greenwich, Issue 1, Summer 2004, jointly published by English Partnerships and Greenwich Council on the plans for demolishing the old Greenwich Disrict Hospital and the future use of the site.

There has also been a revised set of plans for the Lovell's Wharf site adjacent to Pelton Road, East Greenwich, where the original multi-storey towers have been reduced inheight to a much more modest 5-7 stories with very little lost by way of accomodation, yet an increase in the width of the Thames Path and other open space.

Unfortunately there is neither a Web version of the Newsletter or the Wharf plans, nor currently any reference to it on either English Partnership's or Greenwich Council's site.

However, the Greenwich Society's Web site does have inormation on both issues.