Thursday, July 28, 2005

Old Greenwich District Hospital futures

Local residents of East Greenwich have recently been circulated with a 'newsletter' entitled Regeneration News - East Greenwich, Issue 1, Summer 2004, jointly published by English Partnerships and Greenwich Council on the plans for demolishing the old Greenwich Disrict Hospital and the future use of the site.

There has also been a revised set of plans for the Lovell's Wharf site adjacent to Pelton Road, East Greenwich, where the original multi-storey towers have been reduced inheight to a much more modest 5-7 stories with very little lost by way of accomodation, yet an increase in the width of the Thames Path and other open space.

Unfortunately there is neither a Web version of the Newsletter or the Wharf plans, nor currently any reference to it on either English Partnership's or Greenwich Council's site.

However, the Greenwich Society's Web site does have inormation on both issues.

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