Saturday, January 28, 2006

Greenwich Market Future?

The Society is extremely concerned to learn from an article in the Evening Standard that the owners of the Greenwich Market site in Greenwich Town Centre, the Greenwich Hospital Trust, have announced that they propose to re-develop the site.

The Leader of Greenwich Council, Chris Roberts, has written an open letter to the Evening Standard in which he roundly condemns the proposal and urges a re-think.

If you are opposed to this move, then please ensure that you use every opportunity to voice your concern over this matter whenever the opportunity arises.

We will post more information here when we receive it.

Friday, January 27, 2006

108, 422 and new 129 route update

TfL Buses have responded to suggestions offered by Greenwich Council in their response to the original proposals - previously reported here. They indicate surprise at the level of response and interest, and suggest that the replies appear biased in favour of certain areas and don’t take in to account the needs of others. They state that they are pleased with the acceptance of the change to the 108 route to serve Sainsbury’s etc., but question whether the Council’s proposal to route the new 129 to serve Charlton Station involved a re-routeing away from North Greenwich. If so, it is considered that the prime purpose of the proposals, additional capacity through the GMV and an alternative link from Woolwich Road to North Greenwich, would not be achieved. They also state that the suggestion the 422 should use the proposed new bus gate in Westcombe Hill, but continue to service Woolwich Road and Blackwall Lane, would be taken in to account before a final decision is made. In conclusion they state that no final decisions have yet been taken over these proposals.

Greenwich Peninsula Update

Work is in progress on the development of the Piazza (aka Millennium Square), a large space, the equivalent of Leicester Square. The proposed opening date of the Piazza in summer 2007.

Improvement to public transport links include a bus priority lane at Westcombe Hill/A102M, prevention of rat running in Blackwall Lane, route 108 priorities north of Blackwall Tunnel, remote traffic messaging in the wider region and escalator works at North Greenwich (currently involving W/E closures of the station).

Developers will also be embarking on new soft landscaping (plants and trees). They will consult widely on this and work is due to be finished by mid-2007.

Discussions well advanced for Ravensbourne College to be accommodated on the Peninsula. They will have to fund the relocation through development of the College’s present site in Chislehurst, but this has currently been blocked by London Borough of Bromley. Discussions are continuing.

Westcombe Society Environment Committee (1/2006)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some useful local transport links...

London Underground

South Eastern Trains, serving the Greenwich line and other local services

Live Departures from Greenwich Station

Live Departures from Maze Hill

Live Departures from Westcombe Park

London Buses

DLR Departures

North Greenwich Jubilee Line

Greenwich Council Car Club

Ever need to get your hands on a car for a few hours or an occasional weekend away?

Why not join the Greenwich Car Club?

What is the car club?
The car club is a pool of cars that members of the club can use.

Initially there will be 8 cars placed in the Town Centre in dedicated parking bays at four locations.

The car club will be operated by Streetcar and BioRegional in partnership with the Council.

How does it work?
When you join Streetcar you will be given a Smartcard.

You can use this card to access a pre-booked car at any time.

You can book a car over the phone or via the internet for periods of 30 minutes upwards.

How do I join?
For full details of the scheme and how to sign up, go to the Streetcar website.

Monday, January 02, 2006

December Planning Applications

Former Conservative Club 12 Charlton Road 05/3002 /F
Enlargement of existing building incorporating a first floor side extension and two-storey rear extension to provide 10 self-contained flats and erection of four x three storey dwellings with mansard roofs and associated car parking

Flat 4, Vanbrugh Castle, 121 Maze Hill 05/3004 /L
External alterations to provide for the erection of a spiral staircase and extension of summerhouse

42 Mycenae Road 05/3095 /TC
Remove one low limb of Scots pine in rear garden

9 Hardy Road 05/3102 /CP
Erection of new conservatory to replace existing conservatory

45 Westcombe Park Road 05/3103 /TC
Robinia - remove low limb over roof. Oak reduce by 30%. 6 small conifers reduce height by 1m. Robinia - remove basal growth

2 Bellfield Close, formerly known as R/O 16 Charlton Road 05/3134 /F
Conversion of detached dwelling into two self-contained flats

Flats 1-12 70A Beaconsfield Road 05/3135 /F
Replacement of existing windows with UPVC double glazed windows

Flats 1-24, 65 Westcombe Park Road 05/3136 /F
Replacement of existing windows with UPVC double glazed windows

30 Foyle Road 05/3109 /TC
Crown reduce and thin by max 30% two trees in rear garden and crown lift to clear 3m

6 Vanbrugh Fields 05/3110 /TC
Horse chestnut in rear garden - crown reduce by 20-30% and crown thin by 30%

24 Coleraine Road 05/3190 /TP
Robinia in rear garden - reduce back to suitable growth point 2-3 low limbs overhanging from adjoining property

47 Westcombe Park Road 05/3150 /F
Erection of 2 pairs of gates to front driveway of property