Friday, January 27, 2006

108, 422 and new 129 route update

TfL Buses have responded to suggestions offered by Greenwich Council in their response to the original proposals - previously reported here. They indicate surprise at the level of response and interest, and suggest that the replies appear biased in favour of certain areas and don’t take in to account the needs of others. They state that they are pleased with the acceptance of the change to the 108 route to serve Sainsbury’s etc., but question whether the Council’s proposal to route the new 129 to serve Charlton Station involved a re-routeing away from North Greenwich. If so, it is considered that the prime purpose of the proposals, additional capacity through the GMV and an alternative link from Woolwich Road to North Greenwich, would not be achieved. They also state that the suggestion the 422 should use the proposed new bus gate in Westcombe Hill, but continue to service Woolwich Road and Blackwall Lane, would be taken in to account before a final decision is made. In conclusion they state that no final decisions have yet been taken over these proposals.

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