Monday, January 02, 2006

December Planning Applications

Former Conservative Club 12 Charlton Road 05/3002 /F
Enlargement of existing building incorporating a first floor side extension and two-storey rear extension to provide 10 self-contained flats and erection of four x three storey dwellings with mansard roofs and associated car parking

Flat 4, Vanbrugh Castle, 121 Maze Hill 05/3004 /L
External alterations to provide for the erection of a spiral staircase and extension of summerhouse

42 Mycenae Road 05/3095 /TC
Remove one low limb of Scots pine in rear garden

9 Hardy Road 05/3102 /CP
Erection of new conservatory to replace existing conservatory

45 Westcombe Park Road 05/3103 /TC
Robinia - remove low limb over roof. Oak reduce by 30%. 6 small conifers reduce height by 1m. Robinia - remove basal growth

2 Bellfield Close, formerly known as R/O 16 Charlton Road 05/3134 /F
Conversion of detached dwelling into two self-contained flats

Flats 1-12 70A Beaconsfield Road 05/3135 /F
Replacement of existing windows with UPVC double glazed windows

Flats 1-24, 65 Westcombe Park Road 05/3136 /F
Replacement of existing windows with UPVC double glazed windows

30 Foyle Road 05/3109 /TC
Crown reduce and thin by max 30% two trees in rear garden and crown lift to clear 3m

6 Vanbrugh Fields 05/3110 /TC
Horse chestnut in rear garden - crown reduce by 20-30% and crown thin by 30%

24 Coleraine Road 05/3190 /TP
Robinia in rear garden - reduce back to suitable growth point 2-3 low limbs overhanging from adjoining property

47 Westcombe Park Road 05/3150 /F
Erection of 2 pairs of gates to front driveway of property

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