Monday, March 20, 2006

Planning Applications, March 2006

44 Mycenae Road 06/0401 /F
Erection of a part single, part two storey rear extension

111 Maze Hill 06/0458 /TC
Reduce Catalpa and ash and fell small apricot tree

55-57 Invicta Road 06/0594 /F
Demolition of former coach garage and two dwellings. Erection of 9 x 2-bedroom, 4 x 1-bedroom flats and parking for 10 cars

46 Glenluce Road 06/0572 /CP
Demolition of existing and erection of a new conservatory to the rear

Fairhaven House, 111 Mycenae Road 06/0575 /C
Demolition and replacement of single storey rear extension and alterations to the terrace and internally.

69 Maze Hill 06/0531 /F
Erection of rear box dormer and alterations to side/front roof area

60B Coleraine Road 06/0620/F
Loft conversion with Velux windows

Thursday, March 16, 2006

East Greenwich Pleasaunce

East Greenwich Pleasaunce - Friends Public Meeting - 20th March 2006, 7pm at the Forum@Greenwich.

East Greenwich Food Market

The next East Greenwich Food Market will be held on 25th March 2006, 11am-5pm on the old Robert Owen Nursery School site at the top of Pelton Road (just off the Woolwich Road end of Blackwall Lane).

Monday, March 13, 2006

Woodland/Mycenae House

A meeting was held on March 10th with Council representatives, Westcombe Society Committee members, Vanbrugh Community Association members and representatives from the Steiner School to discuss the latest developments with regard to the future of Woodlands and Mycenae House.

There is a prospect of exchange of contracts with the Steiner School for a 125 year lease on Woodlands within the next few weeks (it is currently with the Chris Roberts, Council Leader) and emergency work could then be started on Woodlands. The Steiner School's developer would then put in a planning application for the residential development proposed for a small part of the site which is paying for everything, and if that goes smoothly then there be completion in about 5 months. However, there is every reason to consider that the residential proposal will not be problem-free, and there could be additional delays before the formal exchange of contracts.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

East Greenwich Gyratory Works

Work has finally started on the Meridian Delta Section 106-funded works to improve the 'desire line' crossing options at this busy intersection beneath the A102 Blackwall Tunnel Approach flyover.

These include a new pedestrian crossing on the north side of the gyratory to facilitate pedestrian movements from the north side of the Woolwich Road to Sainsburys, Comet & B&Q, and a new bus gate to carry a service from Westcombe Hill in to the slip-road from the A102 to the gyratory. It has not yet been confirmed which route, or routes, will use this gate, but it is likely to be the 108. The 422 may use the gate, but will otherwise continue on its present route along Woolwich Road and Blackwall Lane and John Harrison Way to North Greenwich Station.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Planning applications , February 2006

Flat 1 73 Humber Road 06/0025 /F
Erection of single storey rear extension

Invicta School, Invicta Road 06/0026 /F
Erection of a new perimeter fence and gates and erection of a canopy

Barclays Bank, 43A Vanbrugh Park 06/0034 /A 06/0032 /F
Erection of two signs: one sign internally illuminated and one sign non-illuminated
and installation of an ATM machine on the north side elevation of building.

105 Humber Road 06/0048 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (Sound Insulation) of planning permission dated 21.12.05 (Ref No.05/2759/F) for the creation of one self-contained flat above and retain existing veterinary practice

195 Westcombe Hill 06/0096 /F
Use of part of rear garden for the erection of two parking spaces

32 Westcombe Park Road 06/0080 /TC
Fell cherry and lime trees in rear garden and replace with trees at least 2m in height

25D Mycenae Road 06/0146 /F
Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection of a new single storey rear extension

84 Coleraine Road 06/0260 /F
Loft conversion comprising two rear dormer windows and two Velux windows to the front (Re-submission)

2 Vanbrugh Castle 121 Maze Hill 06/0306 /F 06/0308 /L
Demolition of existing and erection of new roof terrace to provide enclosed structure

3A Coleraine Road 06/0300 /F
Erection of a single storey conservatory at rear of property

93 Westcombe Park Road 06/0291 /F
Demolition of existing garage at rear and erection of a single storey structure

Woodlands, Restell Close 06/0355 /TC 06/0359 /TC
Fell three sycamore trees on the steep bank and crown lift and thin max 30% Holm Oak.
Remove 22 young, 6 semi-mature and 3 mature sycamore trees and prune back 3 mature sycamores

47 Westcombe Park Road 06/0346 /F
Erection of two sets of gates to front driveway of property (Resubmission)