Sunday, March 05, 2006

Planning applications , February 2006

Flat 1 73 Humber Road 06/0025 /F
Erection of single storey rear extension

Invicta School, Invicta Road 06/0026 /F
Erection of a new perimeter fence and gates and erection of a canopy

Barclays Bank, 43A Vanbrugh Park 06/0034 /A 06/0032 /F
Erection of two signs: one sign internally illuminated and one sign non-illuminated
and installation of an ATM machine on the north side elevation of building.

105 Humber Road 06/0048 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 1 (Sound Insulation) of planning permission dated 21.12.05 (Ref No.05/2759/F) for the creation of one self-contained flat above and retain existing veterinary practice

195 Westcombe Hill 06/0096 /F
Use of part of rear garden for the erection of two parking spaces

32 Westcombe Park Road 06/0080 /TC
Fell cherry and lime trees in rear garden and replace with trees at least 2m in height

25D Mycenae Road 06/0146 /F
Demolition of existing single storey rear extension and erection of a new single storey rear extension

84 Coleraine Road 06/0260 /F
Loft conversion comprising two rear dormer windows and two Velux windows to the front (Re-submission)

2 Vanbrugh Castle 121 Maze Hill 06/0306 /F 06/0308 /L
Demolition of existing and erection of new roof terrace to provide enclosed structure

3A Coleraine Road 06/0300 /F
Erection of a single storey conservatory at rear of property

93 Westcombe Park Road 06/0291 /F
Demolition of existing garage at rear and erection of a single storey structure

Woodlands, Restell Close 06/0355 /TC 06/0359 /TC
Fell three sycamore trees on the steep bank and crown lift and thin max 30% Holm Oak.
Remove 22 young, 6 semi-mature and 3 mature sycamore trees and prune back 3 mature sycamores

47 Westcombe Park Road 06/0346 /F
Erection of two sets of gates to front driveway of property (Resubmission)

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