Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Threat to Tunnel Avenue plane trees

Blog visitor Indigo has posted the following item...

May I take advantage of your blog to request the Westcombe Society's support for the local residents' petition to the LBG asking the Council to work together with the local residents to find an alternative to a mass tree cull of all the 50-year-old plane trees?

You can download the petition narrative and form from;


The narrative includes a charming photograph of the plane trees when they were saplings, 50 years ago, complete with haystack in the foreground.

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Eeyore said...

I am sure that most local residents will take a similar view on this matter. It really is unfortunate that the potential threat of legal action from anyone so disposed can cause this kind of reaction.

There are many options to deal with damage to footways caused by large trees. I really find it hard to believe that the roots of street trees are going to have such an impact on adjacent properties that subsidence is caused.. but perhaps an unbiased arboriculturalist's view on this is required?