Monday, March 13, 2006

Woodland/Mycenae House

A meeting was held on March 10th with Council representatives, Westcombe Society Committee members, Vanbrugh Community Association members and representatives from the Steiner School to discuss the latest developments with regard to the future of Woodlands and Mycenae House.

There is a prospect of exchange of contracts with the Steiner School for a 125 year lease on Woodlands within the next few weeks (it is currently with the Chris Roberts, Council Leader) and emergency work could then be started on Woodlands. The Steiner School's developer would then put in a planning application for the residential development proposed for a small part of the site which is paying for everything, and if that goes smoothly then there be completion in about 5 months. However, there is every reason to consider that the residential proposal will not be problem-free, and there could be additional delays before the formal exchange of contracts.

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