Sunday, July 30, 2006

Planning Applications June 2006

26A Glenluce Road 06/1318 /F
Formation of a driveway to existing front garden (Retrospective)

42 Humber Road 06/1300 /F
Erection of a first floor rear extension

53 Ulundi Road 06/1301 /F
Erection of a single storey rear conservatory (Resubmission)

Woodlands, Norfolk, Jenner and Lister House, Restell Close 06/1349 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 11 (junction works) of legal agreement dated 20.1.06 Ref. 03/2022/F for the refurbishment of Norfolk House, including recladding and extension, demolition of Lister and Jenner houses and erection of a new 11 storey building with underground parking to provide for 281 units

37 Westcombe Park Road 06/1344 /TC
Fell a Cherry, two Sycamores, Ash, Conifer and Rhus trees in rear garden

44 Beaconsfield Road 06/1428 /TC
London PLane tree - reduce by 25% and re-pollard lime tree to last reduction points

2 Highmore Road 06/1430 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension and alterations to front elevation of property (Resubmission)

27 Charlton Road 06/1434 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear and side infill extension. (resubmission)

12 Ulundi Road 06/1422 /TC
Rear Garden - remove large bay tree and replace with fruit trees, fell diseased/dying plum, apple, Fell overgrown Plum, cherry and replace with fruit trees, reduce back 5-6 branches of hazel, reduce maple by 2m and ash tree reduce height by approx. 1m and reduce side laterals by 2m. Front Garden - poplar - reduce by 1m. Cherry crown lift by max 1m and remove 2-3 heavy low limbs

80 Westcombe Park Road 06/1590 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with two dormer windows to rear & two velux windows to front roof slope.

21 Vanbrugh Park 06/1601 /F
Change of use of ground and first floors to provide 2 x 2-bed self-contained flats

12 Old Dover Road 06/1609 /F
Change of use from A1 (Shop) to A2 (Betting Office) use.

37 Glenluce Road 06/1557 /TP
Ash tree - to reduce up to 30% and lift lower branches, Holly tree - to reduce and reshape by 25%, small Elderberry tree - to fell and Cob Nut tree - remove branches and remove younger spindly growth around the base, Ash tree (2)- remove folk at circa 3-4 metres.

Land to the side of 1 Lassetter Place 06/1561 /TC
Cut back overhanging sycamore from roof, remove one low limb of ash tree growing towards front door and driveway

31 & 33 Hardy Road 06/1518 /TC
Conifer to the side of 33 remove. Oak - cut back overhang from driveway, sycamore in rear garden of 31 - remove

5, 6 & 7 Vanbrugh Park Road West 06/1652 /TP
Sycamore tree-near building - remove limb. Ash-lift lower branches to clear 12ft, Acer Sacharinum-lift 3-4 low hanging branches. Sycamore-cut back to clear 2m,cut back limbs overhanging next door, trim back large branch growing towards roof. Next Sycamore- remove 5 limbs,2 small Sycamores-remove 2 limbs, Lime-lift growth to clear path & through wall by 1m, other Sycamores thin by 25-50%

58 Beaconsfield Road 06/1643 /TC
Plane trunk (old pollard) fell and replace. Horse chestnut decayed - crown reduce by 30%. Horse chestnut - crown thin by 25%. 4 lime pollards - crown reduce by 25%. Willow - remove one low limb over neighbour

44 Mycenae Road 06/1645 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension. (Re-submission)

16 Glenluce Road 06/1611 /F
Conversion into four self-contained flats and provision of three car parking spaces (Resubmission

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