Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Greenwich Park Noise Nuisance

The Stella Artois Film Shows on the W/E of July 22nd-23rd 2006 caused a considerable noise nuisance to residents as far away from the Park as Beaconsfield Road and even Mycenae Road in Westcombe Park.

It has been reported that the Council's Noise Nuisance Team were running checks on noise levels in Crooms Hill, but not on the east side of the Park where the noise nuisance was inevitably going to transfer to following the relocation of the event fom the 2005 shows behind the National Maritime Museum.

Local residents hotline

The Royal Parks claim to be working hard to minimise any inconvenience to Greenwich residents as a result of events in Greenwich Park. If, however, you do need to report any problems during these events you can contact a member of Royal Parks staff on 07896 290721. Please note that this telephone number is only operational during the event itself.

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Anonymous said...

I wandered over there on the Sunday night to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off at 9.30 (didn't bother with the rest of the day's events) and I was struck by how loud the pre-film music was, and how I wouldn't have liked to have been living nearby - particularly as it was for two days from 3pm until 9 (or until 11ish depending on how loud the cinema was from outside).

Another number, admittedly 'out of hours' so possibly not that useful for local noise complaints is 020 8921 8921.

The film was great though - but I prefer going to somewhere like Scoop at More London or Somerset House which is less likely to disturb my neighbours.

Also I was a bit peeved at not being able to buy the tickets without incurring a handling and postage fee, meaning that what was advertised as £13.50 was actually £17.