Thursday, February 01, 2007

Westcombe News

If you're a new blogger, or one who has already signed up, the Westcombe News just wants to say that all controbutionsform the local community - letters, articles, news, information, ads, What's on items, photos (as jpegs please - or hard copy) are welcome.

It's your paper!


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Anonymous said...

Although, I do not drive to work or use my car on a regular basis, I was very surprised by the decision of removing the "tidal flow" system from the Blackwall tunnel in April 2007. After initial research, the system has been in operarion since 1978. After days of confusion and increased traffic on the A102 and surrounding areas it suddenly dawned upon me why TFL and Greenwich Council had suddenly removed this.... Well, as they are in consultation about a proposed congestion charge for Greenwich and the Blackwall Tunnel, a better justifcation to this scheme would be to increase traffic around the area to justify such a charge. This over the last few years ( i use the term "few" loosely), since the Mayor's introduction infact, we have seen an increase in traffic lights in Greenwich which has contributed to excessive traffic, especially, in the town centre approach (Tralfalgar Road). I personally think Greenwich residents are being taken for a ride and being treated as "non- intelligent". Well, I'm not!!

I'll let you make your own mind up.

Regards to all