Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Planning Applications in Westcombe Park - August 2005

103 Humber Road 05/1835 /CP
Amendments to planning permission dated 28.10.03

74 Hardy Road 05/1839 /F
Bricking up garden gates fronting Hardy Road

1 Foyle Road 05/1850 /F
Formation of a loft conversion

3 Beaconsfield Road 05/1921 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear conservatory

40 Westcombe Park Road 05/1929 /F
Erection of two storey side extension and loft conversion with dormer window

3 Foyle Road 05/1930 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with dormer window to rear. (Retrospective)

67 Humber Road 05/1936 /F
Erection of a two storey rear extension

3 Peachum Road 05/1964 /F
Erection of single storey summerhouse end of garden

23B Coleraine Road 05/1972 /F
Formation of a loft conversion with dormer window

77 Coleraine Road 05/2005 /TC
Eucalyptus tree in rear garden - crown reduce by 30-40%

7 Hardy Road 05/2031 /F 05/2038 /C
Variation of planning permission for the erection of two houses Ref:04/2813/F: The Variation is to alter the rear of the dwellings and inclusion of privacy screen

57 Coleraine Road 5/2009 /TC
Apple tree - remove new growth on trunk. Fig tree cut back overhang to boundary

62 Foyle Road 05/2065/TC
Fell 2 Leyland Cypress in rear garden

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