Monday, September 05, 2005

Old Greenwich District Hospital update

Here are some further details of the demolition scheme for the old Greenwich District Hospital site at the botton of Vanbrugh Hill, SE10.

In brief, the plans involve the erection of hoarding - August weeks 1-2, internal works and asbestos removal - weeks 3-13 (October), demolition of structure - weeks 14-25 (December) and site re-profiling - weeks 26-32 (March 2006). Hours of work are Monday -Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturday, 8am-1pm. The mosaic located on the Woolwich Road fascia is to be preserved with advice from its creator and will be restored to a site available for public view once the location of this is decided upon.

As to the future of the site itself, further meetings with local residents and stakeholders will take place and English Partnerships will appoint their own consultants to explore the options relating to existing Greenwich Council services and the transfer of a number of them to this site. There is no longer any obvious indication that housing will comprise a major component of the developed site, but a replacement for the Arches Leisure Centre, a new Library and a primary health care facility are currently proposed.

Updated September 10th 2005...

Local residents have expressed concern at the proposed number of lorry movements during the demolition phase. The contractors have promised a maximum of six per hour. A liaison group has been set up to look at issues if and when they arise. It is reported that Rick Mather Architects have been commissioned to look at the future of the site and would be engaging with local residents to produce a 'development framework'. It is not clear how this relates to the existing 'A New Heart for East Greenwich' proposals.

The Strategic Planning Directorate of Greenwich Council is currently undertaking an infrastructure review that will look at schools, healthcare provision and transport in relation to the fact that plans for the future of these services do not appear to be keeping pace with the rate of proposed developments such as this in the Thames Corridor. The review will report by next year.

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Could we now provide an update given
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