Saturday, September 10, 2005

Brenton's Coaches site, Invicta Road

Two new blocks of flats are proposed for 55-57 Invicta Road (05/1945/F), the site of Brenton's Coach & Van Hire.

Three storey at one end and four storey at the other, with access from the roadway, they also feature parking for 13 cars between the blocks. There is little landscaping evident and the plans look very bare. An application in 2000 was given consent, but this was at a lower density and expired on 31/8/05. Although outside the Blackheath and Westcombe Park Conservation Areas the boundary runs along part of the south side of the site, so is very much on the fringe. Local residents are concerned and the Westcombe Society's Environment Commitee also consider an objection should be lodged on the grounds of a lack of green space, the fact that there are too many parking places for this kind of development and that the number of habitable rooms on the basis of the site area is higher than Council norms.

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