Tuesday, November 01, 2005

E.P. Collaboration Events over GDH site futures

English Partnerships would like to invite you to a series of public collaboration events they are planning to run in early November, in order to consult with the local community and stakeholder groups in Greenwich on the future redevelopment of the Hospital site, as well as considering overarching principles for the regeneration of the Heart of East Greenwich project.

The series will take place over three planned events, as follows:

Monday 7 November, 7pm - 9.30pm
Public Meeting and Exhibition I
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

Presentations from EP and Rick Mather Architects on the development framework which is being prepared.
Exhibition material from Rick Mather's work in progress.
Break out sessions for questions and feedback

Wednesday 9 November, 9.30am - 4.30 pm
Stakeholder Collaborative Workshop
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

A series of themed workshops with local stakeholders
Interrogation of Rick Mathers work to date and issued raised at public meeting
Themes include: Quality Townscape; Making connections; Environmental issue;
Public realm: Civic facilities

Monday 14 November, 7pm - 9.30pm
Public Meeting and Exhibition II
Venue: Dome marketing Suite

Presentations and exhibition material providing feedback from the previous public meeting and stakeholder workshops

Please reply to Philippa Bloomfield at English Partnerships on 020 7531 2494 or via email: philippabloomfield@englishpartnerships.co.uk

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Eeyore said...

The first public meeting and exhibition held on Monday, November 18th, included presentations from Rick Mathers Design Team on their provisional ideas for the site and the process of ideas development.

They informed that, unfortunately, the original demolition contractor appointed had gone in to receivership. A replacement has been appointed and works are now underway on the same basis as originally agreed.

The draft proposals include a mix of commercial and public (leisure centre, library and Council Services Centre) on the Woolwich Road frontage and backing on to a public area with open and 'perfomance' space. There would be public parking underneath. Further 'up' the site will be the main area of housing surrounding private open space/gardens. At the southern side of the site will be traditional-style houses with their own gardens that will back on the houses on the north side of Calvert Road. To the front of these houses it is proposed to site wide 'avenues' with trees down the centre and parking beneath. The slope on the site allows for low-rise construction to the south with more floors to the north. However, nothing is proposed to break the current height line of the old hospital (excluding the chimney) or the flats in the old cinema on the west side of Vanbrugh Hill.

Participants were then able to view the proposals in detail and to rate them under a range of headings. 'Post It' notes were also provided for more detailed comments. Considering the fact that what was on display was only a 'first draft' it appeared that the general reaction was positive.

More after the later workshop/summary session...