Monday, September 24, 2012

Run-to-the-Beat 2012

This Charity event takes place on October 28th. There will be no Run-to-the-Beat sound stage at the Gibb Memorial this year, though music from the Gibb Memorial has not caused problems to local residents in previous years.
However, this year there will be a sound stage at the A102(M) / Woolwich Road roundabout, and this might affect some residents of Westcombe Park.  Perhaps more importantly, there will be two sound stages in Greenwich Park.  The proposals appear to breach the Royal Parks licensing arrangements. Greenwich Council's requirements for site notices have also been breached,  thus reinforcing the need for a review meeting about the Royal Park Licence, now that the Olympics are over.  
Details of how to access Westcombe Park on the day are not yet available.  Watch this space!

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