Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unlawful Developments at John Roan Lower School

In early July, a generator was installed at the John Roan Lower School, to provide power to the temporary classrooms.   Reportedly, EDF was unable to connect the new temporary classrooms to the mains.
This gave rise to a number of problems
  • The generator had not received planning consent and was an unauthorised structure
  • It was erected on ‘covenanted land’ where such a development was a breach of the covenants agreed by the Council when its acquired the site for use by the school 
  • The continuous low frequency noise greatly exceeded the maximum volume set by the Council under its noise policy.  Although the school had been advised of the noise limits, no attempt was made to measure the level at the nearest noise sensitive premises (in Vanbrugh Fields), as required by the noise policy.
Following complaints by victims of the noise to the Council’s noise team, prompt action has now been taken by the Council’s Pollution Control team, in association with the Council’s Children's Services - Building Schools for the Future programme.  It is now expected the unlawful generator will be removed over the weekend of 21st-22nd July.
Local residents are being informed by means of the  attached letter 

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