Monday, April 11, 2011

Siege of Westcombe Park – 2011

As usual, the Local Information for residents enclosed by the route downloadable from makes no mention of Westcombe Park or Charlton. Characteristically, GreenwichTime also includes no information either.

However, Westcombe.blogspot understands that the organisers will be making a serious effort this year to help residents enter or exit Westcombe Park during this year’s London Marathon (as usual, unlike the run-to-the-Beat marathon in September, there will be no entry or exit possible from the Woolwich Road Flyover roundabout).

Last year, the organisers promised that it would be possible to cross the Marathon Route at the Gibb Memorial crossing point until 07.00 and that they anticipated the crossing would reopen by 14.00. In the event, it opened much earlier.

For 2011, the announced period of Closure will be shorter, from 07.00 until Noon. But Westcombe.blogspot understands that in fact the organisers will strive to get closer to the tradition reopening times and that “From approximately 10.45am residents will be able to exit from Maze Hill to travel west on the A2 to the bottom of Blackheath Hill to continue west or south towards Lewisham.”

Even more encouraging is the stated intention that actual opening times will be recorded to enable more accurate opening time to be published for next year's race literature.

All that would be needed then is for the organisers to follow the example of local taxi firms and pizza shops and let residents (directly, and via Westcombe News) know in advance, so that they can plan accordingly.

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