Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Increase in Parking Charges

No, it is not an April fool joke.

Greenwich Council really have increased parking charges at the Old Dover Road car park from 10p for 15 minutes or 20p for half an hour – which many people found long enough to pop into the shops, now that the free bays are taken up by commuters – to 80p an hour. Indeed 10p coins are now useless. The machines will no longer accept legal tender 5p and 10p coins. Users must insert four 20p coins to get a permit for up to an hour. Few people have as many as four 20p coins, so some frustrated shoppers feel they have no option but to inserting a £1 coin instead (no change is given) even when popping into the shops for a few items.

Although the notice conceals the fact, it is actually possible to pay for units of 15 minutes for less than an hour, not just increments beyond an hour. This can be done by inserting one or more 20p coins and pressing the green button. A mere doubling of the fee.

However, commuters will not share the pain. There has been no increase in the cost of an annual season ticket.


mindseye4u said...

It is worse than that -
It is actually 80p minimum (no change given).
5p & 10p coins are not accepted.
So depending on what small change you have you can easily end up paying 90p or £1 for a 10 minute stop.
Aternatively you can put 50p in the M&S car park for an hours parking (refundable if you spend 50p £5 in store - GREAT INCENTIVE FOR YOU TO WALK OUT AND USE THE INDEPENDANT TRADERS IN THE PARADE !!!!!
What is the council thinking of ?
PS what did the big new metal embossed and painted Charges sign cost?

mindseye4u said...
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Vanbrugh said...

Have you tried putting in 20p and pressing the green button, as the posting suggests? Although the sign does not say so, it worked when I did.
If you put in £1 at M&S, you also get no change and the checkout will refund only 50p even if you spend £50 in store.