Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have your Say on Allowing Dogs to Exercise in Mycenae Gardens

Shortly before midnight on Sunday  - well after the deadline for mailing comments on the proposal – the Council disclosed that it was proposing that dogs would not be excluded but would no longer be allowed to exercise off the leash in Mycenae Gardens.

 However, in view of the lateness of the decision, the Council has decided to allow residents of Westcombe Park until noon on Friday, 19th June  to express their views.  Mycenae Gardens have been used for exercising dogs for several decades.    The gardens are in a part of Westcombe Park defined by the Council as an area deficient in public open space.  Unlike residents close to Blackheath, East Greenwich Pleasaunce or Vicarage Avenue, those who have hitherto used Mycenae Gardens will no longer be able to allow their dogs off the leash if the Council proposals are approved.  This is a last opportunity to influence the decision.  This can be done

Dog Control (Public Consultation)

Abbey Wood Neighbourhood Office

140 Eynsham Drive

Abbey Wood

London SE2 9PT

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