Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dog Control Orders in Westcombe Park - have your say!

There are only 4 days left to have your say on what rules on dog fouling and keeping dogs on leads, if any, should come into force in Westcombe Park

The Council’s proposals, which can be seen at, affect a number of locations in Westcombe Park used by local residents to exercise their dogs.

Dogs Excluded

Childrens Play areas, including East Greenwich Pleasaunce, Vanbrugh Park Estate Play areas

Dogs Allowed off the Lead


East Greenwich Pleasaunce (except Children’s Play area)

Vicarage Avenue

Woodlands Dell

Dogs on Lead at all times

Batley Green

Ingleside Gardens

Which Dog Control regime, if any, do you want in Mycenae Gardens?

Despite repeated requests, the Council has yet to decide which of the three options should apply to Mycenae Gardens. This means that residents may have a greater opportunity than usual to influence the Council’s proposals if they respond immediately. So write now to let the Council know whether the local community wants dogs to be excluded altogether, kept on a leash at all times, or allowed to get exercise by fetching sticks, balls &c or simply working off excess energy (or fat) by running around freely. Contact details are

by email to

or by post to

Dog Control (Public Consultation)
Abbey Wood Neighbourhood Office
140 Eynsham Drive
Abbey Wood
London SE2 9PT

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