Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Post Office Closure 8 Woolwich Road SE10 0JU

The Post Office is currently consulting about a proposal to close the post office in Annandale Road.  Although this is strictly outside the Westcombe Park area, it was the designated alternative post office when the one in Station Crescent was closed.  As such, it is the nearest/most convenient office for many residents, particularly the elderly and infirm who do not relish the climb up a steep hill to the strangely misnamed ‘Westcombe Hill Post Office’ (a.k.a Dave & Ginas’s), or the queues when they get there.   Given the big housing expansion in the Woolwich Road area, it seems very likely to exacerbate the congestion already experienced in the alternatives (the queue was outside the door in Dave & Gina’s today).   Parking is relatively easy in Annandale Road.

Anyone wishing to object to the closure should contact Anita Turner, Network Development Manager [sic], c/o National Consultation Team, FREEPOST, Consultation Team or e-mail consultation@postoffice.co.uk   

The consultation deadline is 2nd April

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