Sunday, March 04, 2007

Planning Applications - February 2007

8 Ulundi Road 07/0142 /CP
Erection of a single storey rear extension

81 Humber Road 07/0127 /CP
Insertion of a window to the rear elevation

55/57 Invicta Road 07/0111 /SD
Submission of details pursuant to condition 2 (facing materials) of appeal decision dated 1/11/06 (Planning Ref:05/1945/F)

68 Beaconsfield Road 07/0093 /F
Erection of a single storey summerhouse in the rear garden

Flat1 Ferndale Court Westcombe Park Road 07/0210 /F
Replacement of all windows with UPVC windows, remove living room windows and replace with French doors

Marks & Spencer, 17 Stratheden Parade 07/0212 /A
Erection of an internally illuminated sign to existing flag pole

2 Ingleside Grove 07/0187 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension and two dormers to rear roof slope

12 Old Dover Road 07/0148 /V
Removal of condition 1 from planning permission dated 23/8/06 (Ref:06/1609/F) for opening hours

1 Highmore Road 07/0149 /F 07/0151 /C
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of a new family dwelling house and tree works

Flat 1 61 Westcombe Park Road 07/0217 /F 07/0228
Erection of a single storey rear conservatory

155 Humber Road 07/0305 /F
Erection of a single storey rear infill extension and rear conservatory

155 Humber Road 07/0308 /C
Removal of rear lean to, ground floor bay window, window and rear door and erection of single storey rear infill extension and conservatory

Marks & Spencer 17 Stratheden Parade 07/0370 /F
Erection of fencing on top of existing wall and erection of a CCTV camera pole

38 Westcombe Park Road 07/0361 /F
Erection of a single storey extension, garage to side elevation and velux windows to rear roof slope. (Resubmission).

Former Petrol Filling Station 6 Stratheden Road 07/0338 /F
Demolition of existing petrol filling station, removal of underground petrol storage tanks and erection of a 4-storey building comprising of 14 flats with associated parking. (Resubmission).

10 Hardy Road 07/0348 /F
Replacement of 9 common area screens

15 Ulundi Road 07/0352 /F
Erection of a single storey rear extension

2 Beaconsfield Road 07/0150 /TC
Re-pollard 6 lime trees on Beaconsfield Road frontage. Crown thin by 30% plane tree SE side and remove ivy

2 Beaconsfield Road 07/0258 /TC
Fell pear tree in rear garden - implicated in structural damage to adjoining property

40 Beaconsfield Road 07/0394 /TC
Reduce two lime trees in the rear garden back to previous reduction points

21 Hardy Road 07/0396 /TP
Copper beech X 2 Minor prune away from building to clear 2m and balance. Larch - encroaching on larger tree -Fell, Holly - Prune back lower limbs, Elder - minor prune to shape to a max 20%, Cypress - dying from the top - Fell (there are a number of dead and windblown trees that are also to be felled but are exempt from regulations)

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