Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Licensing Applications 5th March

National Maritime Museum, Park Row, London SE10 9NF: Regulated Entertainment Supply of Alcohol and Late Night Refreshments
The applicant wishes to provide the following licensable activities: -
• Plays • Films
• Indoor Sport • Live Music
• Recorded Music • Performance of Dance
• Provision of Dancing Facilities
• Entertainment of A Similar Nature to Music and Dancing
• Late Night Refreshment • Supply of Alcohol On and Off
the Premises
Hours: Monday and Tuesday 1000hrs till2330hrs, Wednesday to Saturday
1000hrs till 0030hrs and Sunday 1000hrs till 2230hrs.
Deadline for objections: 5 th April 2007
The application is for films to be shown indoors only. But live and recorded music are to be outdoors as well, including the grounds of Queens House, Flamsteed House and the Planetarium Courtyard

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Anonymous said...

It seems ironic that the Studio Artois films were moved from in front of the Naval College to Bandstand Field because of objections from Park Row. Now they may have to put up with films even later into the night!