Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blackheath Standard Christmas Cheer!

Folowing the success of the Westcombe Society's Christmas Bazaar on 19th November, the Christmas tree donated by the NatWest Bank for the Bazaar has been re-erected at the Blackheath Standard by Greenwich Council workers to start the festive season.

Volunteers from the Westcombe Society put the finishing touches by adding Christmas lights.

Dick Allard, Chair of the Westcombe Society, said "We welcome co-operation with Greenwich Council; the Standard looks so much cheerier with the Christmas lights. We hope that this can be done on a regular basis every year."


Anonymous said...

As a resident of Blackheath Standard for the past 3 years I was heartened to see a Christmas tree finally erected in the Standard.

What was Disheartening, however was that this seemed to be the only concession to the festive period anyone was prepared to make. Most of the shop fronts in the vicinity were wholly un-seasonal and within a few days the tree began to look slightly bedraggled and lonely. This is more upsetting considering the wonderful lights they have in "The Village" and even further a field in places such as Deptford and Peckham!!!!!!

Surely we, as residents of the Standard, have as much if not more of a sense of community as many of these place that seem to "do" Christmas better and I would encourage all of us to pull every stop we have out and make next year the prettiest to date!

Could we not apply to the council to contribute towards the cost of more Christmas lighting for the area and try to encourage shop owners to jolly up their window displays??????

Unknown said...

Thankyou for your constructive comment.

The Society has already taken it upon itself to try and persuade the Standard traders to actively pursue some additional support from the Council for next Xmas. Things have to begin early.. some of the ideas proposed came too late for implementation last year! We were very grateful to them for doing what they did to assist with the tree move after the Dickensian Fayre and the installation of our lights.