Sunday, August 19, 2012

Greenwich Olympic Parking Confusion

Residents of Westcombe Park may have been understandably confused by the contradictory notices and road signs [click images to enlarge] they may have seen.  Some parking attendants seem to be equally confused about the arrangements in force between the main Olympics and the Paralympics.

.    At its meeting on 24 May 2012, the Planning Board confirmed the discharge of Condition 36.  This provided that,  inter alia,
  1.       "...the proposed Event Day Parking Zones will be in operation from the 28/7/2012 to the 12/08/2012 for the Olympic Games and then from 30/8/2011 to 04/09/2011. The proposed changes will not be enforced in between the Olympic and the Paralympics." 
However, The ‘Getaheadofthegames’ website  states that the dates of operation of the temporary parking event zone[sic] are from 27/07/2012 to 28/08/2012 and 29/08/2012 to 09/08/2012.  It notes that the restrictions will run between the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

The Westcombe Society has received confirmation from LOCOG that "the measures on the ORN including the games lanes will only be operative from 25th July to about 14th August (or as soon as possible after the Olympic Games) and from 27th August to 11th September (or as soon as possible after the last Paralympic Games).  The last event at Greenwich Park is 4th September so ORN measures in the vicinity of this event, including Maze Hill and Shooters Hill Road west of the A102 should be removed by 6th September."
Any resident who receives a penalty notice about an alleged breach of the Event Day Parking Regulations for the period between the games may wish to take legal advice (e.g. from the AA/RAC) before paying.


Beabarb said...

Over in Plumstead "OC" parking zone, I have seen parking wardens twice this week in the late afternoon, walking along happily checking for permits.

egn said...

Wardens are also controlling the Westcombe Park area between the Games and say that the restrictions apply throughout.