Sunday, February 19, 2012

Proposed Parking Restrictions in Old Dover Road Withdrawn

The Council has been carrying out an online consultation on a proposal to restrict parking in Old Dover Road to people willing and able to pay by mobile phone.  However although a small number of residents in Old Dover Road have received a letter, no consultation letter has been sent to residents of most of the roads likely to be affected by the proposal, or to the 1,400 objectors who signed an earlier petition objecting to the proposal.  Under the proposal, even shoppers who have paid for a valid parking permit for the Parking Zone would have to pay again by mobile phone (unlike the pay and display bays in East Greenwich).

Shoppers who wish to park would have had to:-

·      Own a mobile phone

·           Be prepared to divulge full debit or credit card details over the phone 

·           Be able to get a signal in Old Dover Road from their service provider

·            Be willing to pay a mobile phone charge in addition to the parking fee, with a further payment for a receipt

Under the proposals, notwithstanding a decision by the Council Cabinet in December 2010 that payment should be by 'Pay & and Display', this would not be possible in Old Dover Road. Parking would be limited to one hour within the Westcombe Controlled Parking Zone, and to two hours in the Charlton Controlled Parking Zone on the bridge over the A102/M and beyond.

Subsequently, following growing opposition to the proposal, 
the online details of the proposal for Old Dover Road (and Eltham High Street)  have been withdrawn from the list of Current Consultations on the Council’s website. The Westcombe Society has been informed that the council is going to re-consult on a new set of proposals "soon";  the  proposal for "mobile only" payment of parking charges has been withdrawn.  However, recipients of the letters have not been informed of the withdrawal of the proposal.

The Westcombe Society strongly opposed the proposal in its original form, requesting additional options, including, in particular, free parking for those staying short periods, as in most other rival shopping parades in the area.  Since the withdrawal of the Council consultation the Westcombe Society, working with Traders and Residents on both sides of the motorway, has submitted a request to introduce free 2 hour parking west of the motorway with no change east of the motorway. 

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