Friday, March 11, 2011

Friends of Mycenae Gardens Constitution

The small working group set up to produce a draft constitution for consideration at the public Meeting on 24th March has now published its proposal.
The constitution broadly follows the model used by other 'Friends of Parks and Gardens groups in Greenwich. A copy can be found below. Under the proposals, the Group will be called 'Friends of Mycenae Gardens', and will cover the area designated as Community Open Space of Nature Conservation Importance on the attached map, and includes the Woodlands Dell.

The first aim of the Group is
“to protect and promote Mycenae Gardens … as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance and a Community Open Space and as a park that fosters the natural environment, wildlife, woodland and open space for the benefit, health and well-being of the whole community”

That aim will only be achieved with the active support and ideas of the community. Membership of the group is open to all and will be free for the first year. So come to the meeting on 24th March to contribute ideas on how best to protect and promote the Gardens. The meeting will also need to elect the first members of the management Committee: put yourself forward if you would like to help.

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