Friday, February 12, 2010

Greenwich Tunnel: Planned Closures

The Greenwich Tunnel provides a pedestrian and cycle link between Cutty Sark Gardens and Island Gardens, Tower Hamlets.

Normally, the lifts operate Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 5.30pm.

NOTE: The lift at Greenwich South (Cutty Sark Gardens) is currently out of operation due to a mechanical failure. If the lifts are not running, you can use the steps (about 100 steps at each end of the tunnel).

A Government-funded £11.5m refurbishment programme for the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels will extend the life of the 100-year-old tunnels and improve conditions for tunnel users. Most of the work will take place while the tunnels are kept open. However, the tunnels may need to close for limited periods for safety reasons. Notification of all closures will be given at least three weeks in advance. The timetable has not yet been confirmed for these works.

The works should be complete by March 2011.

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