Saturday, January 30, 2010

E Greenwich Library celebration 22 Feb 2010

We are going to have a small celebration at the library on the 22nd February between and 7.30 to celebrate the 105 years of our library in East Greenwich, writes Terry Wheeler and Molly Bartlett.

This library is going to loom large among librray users in Westcombe Park during the temporary closure of Blackheath Library for refurbishment ( opens again in April.)

Terry and Molly continue: "Our group's Chairman, the late Richard Bartlett, tried hard without
success to get the council to celebrate 100 years of of East Greenwich
Library at the centenary 5 years ago. Despite his efforts, nothing was
done, notwithstanding the fact that the 100 year centenary of West
Greenwich Library, another library made possible by a generous gift of
Andrew Carnegie, was celebrated. We are going to rectify that. We
are arranging to have music, poetry and readings at our library as a
celebration of thanks for its 105 years.

As you know, we were successful in persuading the council to put aside
some of their budget for five other libraries, to spend on ours. We
were promied that repairs were due to start in about February of this
year, and hopefully, work would be started by the 22nd February and
John Fahy can give us some more information on what we can expect by
way of improvements,

I hope that the event can be publicised in the Westcombe News and I also hope
that you will be able to find some time to come along and enjoy the

Thanking you.

Terry Wheeler & Molly Bartlett

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Mary Mills said...

Mollie - Terry - I am a bit bemused by the 100th anniversary and the Council thing. I am desperately trying to remember five years ago and not being very successful at it. I only have a very, very vague memory of talking to Richard about where to get information on the opening date. An anniversary event is something I would have thought I would have been very, very keen to be involved in. I hope it wasn't me stopped it happening. Anyway - as ever, need to look forward, not back. Keep in touch.