Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Less Siege - More Noise?

There will be another Run to the Beat Half Marathon on 27th September. Last year, residents of Westcombe Park woke up to find the whole area had been sealed off, without prior warning. One family was unable to get to the airport for their holiday. Another family missed the Christening of their grandchild. So the Westcombe Society, with ward Councillor Geoff Brighty, has had meetings with the Council and the Organisers to prevent a repetition of last year’s siege of Westcombe Park. The Society has helped improve the leaflet that will be sent to all residents of the area well in advance, giving full details of all road closures and the exit and access arrangements - see map (click to enlarge)

Keep it handy for reference on the day!

Entry to Westcombe Park by car will be from the northbound carriageway of the A102 via Woolwich Road (A206) and then first left into Combedale Road. The exit route is via Charlton Road, Eastcombe Avenue, Victoria Way and Woolwich Road (A206) to the Blackwall Tunnel Approach Road (A102). Details will also be posted on the Council website (http://bit.ly/hK9Dt), and at http://bit.ly/XpIeB (with maps)

Another change will be the presence of a sound stage at the Gibb Memorial from 10.15 till 12.35 (or earlier once the last runner has passed), with loudspeakers 200m closer to, and facing eastwards towards, people’s homes. The Society unsuccessfully pressed for the noise limit to be reduced to 60dB, the same as for the Glastonbury Festival and fairs on Circus Field (for which speakers must face away from houses, and no ‘barking’ is permitted except for emergency announcements). However the Council decided to permit a level substantially louder, though it refused permission for sound stages in the most densely populated areas like Trafalgar Road.

Residents who suffer noise nuisance can ring the Council’s Noise Team on 020 8921 8921, or the organisers on 020 8233 5900. The permit is for a single event and any repeat application next year will be considered in the light of residents’ experience this year, which may also be relevant for the full Marathon.

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Anonymous said...

About time! It is disgusting how we get cut off from the world without notice each year.