Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dog Controls: Have Your Say – Again

In May, Greenwich Council announced it had decided to extend its dog control orders to the rest of the borough and it attempted to consult local residents on the proposals. These were that open spaces owned by the Council were to be divided three categories. ‘Dogs excluded’, and ‘dogs allowed off the leash’ in specified open spaces. Everywhere else in the borough, dogs would have to be kept on a leash at all times even on public open spaces. Owners would always have to clean up any mess left by their pets regardless of the category.

Under the original proposals, Mycenae Gardens were to be included in the ‘Dogs Excluded' category. However, following representations by the Vanbrugh Community Association, the Council conceded this was a mistake. The Council had not realised that it owned and maintained Mycenae Gardens, which it had omitted from the list of open spaces in the published order! But it was unable to decide what category would apply to Mycenae Gardens before the last date for posting comments on the proposal. It then decided that dogs would have to be kept on a leash at all times in Mycenae Gardens, and it extended the consultation period for a few days to allow responses from the Westcombe Park area, though it gave no publicity to this.

The Westcombe Society tried to alert users of Mycenae Gardens to the Council’s proposal by placing a notice at the entrance. The response has convinced the Council to include the Gardens in the ‘Dogs off the leash’ category instead. So a new consultation has started. Local residents have until 10th August to make their views known. If you have views one way or the other, let the council know

· by email to dog-control@greenwich.gov.uk

· by post to Dog Control (Public Consultation)

Abbey Wood Neighbourhood Office

140 Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood, London SE2 9PT

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Anonymous said...

Them pesky dogs poop everywhere. It's about time somebody stamped down on the issue of dog poop all over westcombe park. I for one am fed up of seeing dog poop all over the pavement and everywhere I go. I am particularly fed up of dog poop on the pavement outside westcombe park station.