Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Attending the Village Green Hearing

Don’t bother to try to find any information about the Village Green Hearing by the General Purposes Committee on the Council’s website.  The meeting is not shown on the list of forthcoming meetings.  No agenda is shown on the website, and there are no minutes, decisions  or agendas from previous meetings shown either.  

The name of the committee officer, the person who has to be notified if you wish to speak, is therefore not shown.  So the information at http://bit.ly/12qQX  on how to attend and speak at meetings is of no help whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the meeting is open to the press and public.  It starts at 18.15 on Wednesday 11th February and will be held at the Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich, SE18 6PW.   If you want further information about the meeting or to ask to speak at the meeting, the person to contact is Merle Medford, the Committee Officer.  She can be contacted on:_

Telephone:   020 8921 5134

Minicom: 020 8921 6268

Fax: 020 8921 5864


If you have not done so in advance, you can still ask to speak at the meeting, provided this is done before the meeting starts.

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