Friday, April 28, 2006

Latest on plans for 422, 108 and 129

The Council have sent their latest comments on the proposed changes to routes 108 and 422 and new route 129.

They are based on further consultation with Councillors, Officers, resident's groups, other organisations and local residents who reponded to the earlier consultation letter.

In brief, they now accept the comments of local residents that the original plans to re-route the 422 should be shelved and that it should continue as before to service Woolwich Road, Blackwall Lane, John Harrison Way (for the Millennium Primary School) and North Greenwich Station.

They continue to support the proposed diversion of route 108 to service Sainsburys, Filmworks, the Greenwich Millenium Village and North Greenwich Station. Some concerns have, however, been expressed by residents of East Greenwich that In order to serve the curent and future needs of the new housing developments along Woolwich Road. It is now recommended that London Buses monitor the situation, and if necessary provide increased frequencies on route 422 at peak hours between Woolwich Road, Blackwall Lane and North Greenwich. It is further suggested that the night service of 108 (N108) be run along the existing route of the 422 when the 422 is not running, and removing the loss of a cross-river bus service from Woolwich Road/Blackwall Lane residents, as well as removing some of the noise nuisance experienced by GMV residents close to the Southern Way busway.

There has been only limited support for the idea of running the 129 from Greenwich Town Centre to Charlton Station via Sainsburys and the Odeon as opposed to London Buses original proposal to terminate at North Greenwich Station. However, there has been concern from GMV residents over the increased number of buses that would be using the busway. The Council therefore suggest that there should be a survey of passenger destinations on the new 129 route and that consideration may then be given to seeking alternative destinations along Bugsby's Way.

Finally, once again, the Council note the failure of London Buses to provide data to justify any of the original route changes. While recognising that surveys require resourcing, in an area of rapid development, passenger origin and destination figures and the desire for completely new routes and limited stop services from areas in the south of the Borough to North Greenwich Station should have been explored more fully.


Jo Brodie said...

Having the 108 go a teensy bit closer to Sainsbury's would be a huge bonus assuming the route change didn't inconvenience others too much.

Although I'm young and healthy I have lost the will to live on the handful of occasions that I've bothered to cross the nine or ten roads (if you include all the 'green men' crossings then I'm sure there's no exaggeration) just to get to Sainsbury's or the cinema.

I did try taking the 380 to Charlton then the 486 to the Peninsula but it's a bit of a bus safari - and so the local Somerfield gets my custom.

Unless I just stay on the 108 until Stratford as there's a perfectly decent Sainsbury's there...

Anonymous said...

GMV Residents worried about noise from the bus lanees?!! Eh what???!! Perjaps if some of the lazey feckers walked to North Greenwich station each morining & back again in the evening rather than waiting for the bus then moaning when a full one passes them by maybe i'd have some sympathy for them! Eco park my arse!

Mark Etherington said...

The 129 route will be starting on 3rd June.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:
>GMV Residents worried about noise >from the bus lanees?!! Eh >what???!! Perjaps if some of the >lazey feckers walked to North >Greenwich station each morining & >back again in the evening rather >than waiting for the bus then >moaning when a full one passes >them by maybe i'd have some >sympathy for them! Eco park my >arse!

Quite strong elitist feelings there, eh? Those of us at GMV who complain about the noise from the bus lanes are out on their balconies smoking and chinwagging on their mobile's so the noises of buses disturbs them. They probably don't work so don't care about the buses sailing past in the early morning. And if they go somewhere they probably go by SUV.

Those buses going through GMV are carrying people who have daily jobs or have some meaningful errand to accomplish so I understand your sneering contempt of us at GMV. However, some of us are not lazy and some are not capable of doing the 1.5 mile walk to North Greenwich due to age or infirmity. Not all of us are 30 year old "yuppies" making over £100,000 p.a.. GMV has numerious ENGLISH BORN people who live in "affordable" or handicaped housing owned (I understand) by the council or by the "social landlord," MOAT. Are they also to be sneered at by smart "mockney" writing bloggers? All the best and I'll take Ken Livingston and "old" Labour!